Sliced Pink Tee, Black (2012 edition)

Sliced Pink Tee, Black (2012 edition)

35 EUR
Doesn't get more non-subtle than this. We like gooey thingys and this re-print of our 2012 Sliced Tee is pretty damn beautiful. Re-print is based on the same old prints, shape and fit as our classic (and good sized!) garments.

Does not come with any fancy details at all like labels and tags. 
For the first time ever this tee is available in grown up sizes though, 4xl!

  • Hoodie is based on our old-school size, fit and print (check size chart BELOW)!

  • This re-release is part of our 7 year strong celebration, that despite peoples best efforts we refuse to die and all garments are made just like those first ones. So this is old school hoodies, old school fit and old school prints. In fact it's the same printshop doing these as we first started out! With the same dusty old prints they mercifully saved!