Sunglasses SPEXIAL | White & Blue

54 EUR

High quality Pimpstar sunglasses with a 2-year no-questions asked money back warranty/guarantee.

We spent 15 months producing these babies and we're proud to say the extra effort was well worth it! Slick design, a wide fit, great glasses that makes the world prettier (and clearer) as well as battle-tested for months of hard use and abuse these sunglasses can take the beating!

The brand new Pimpstar SPEXIALS is made of super strong acetate frames, UV-protection and CE-approved lenses with a wide fit and available in three different colorways. If they should break or even if you sit your ass down on them and break them we will replace them for you or offer a full money-back if they happen to be sold out!

Acetate frame(high durability)
2-year hassle-free guarantee
Metal logo inserts on both sides
Inside camo pattern
UV-protective lens
Microfiber bag

Size and fit:
Total width 15 cm (large fit)

2-year full warranty:
We feel very happy about the quality on these shades and dare to say that they will be able to take a beating - so much in fact that if you happen to break them by accident or bad luck we will replace them for you and/or offer a full money back transfer!

Please note that we will ALWAYS replace sunglasses that break due to production and we WILL replace additionally replace any sunglasses that break "no-questions-asked" meaning that we won't even need to know if you sat down on them while being drunk. We will give you a new pair (but only once because if it happens more you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself...)