PSL Water Resistant Anorak Jacket

65 EUR45 EUR

Everything is more fun wet and with this water resistant anorak you can play a little longer outside. Jacket is waterproof but seams are not so if you try and get really soaked that's up to you. Made out of nylon and our new "US-size range" which is slightly larger than our old stuff.

Sweet features:
  • 100% nylon 330D with waterproof coating
  • Nylon Outer Shell: Waterproof Coating = Level 3
  • Inner PU Coating: Breathability/Permeability = 5,000
  • Water Pressure Resistance = 10,000
  • matte metal zipper pull
  • rubber zipper pull tab
  • fine mesh hood liner
  • scuba neck
  • hidden snaps inside front pocket flap
  • side slit pockets
  • elastic cuffs