PSL Heavy Ind, One Inchers | Non-zip Hoodie, Gunmetal grey

65 EUR

The only way to ride is grabbing that 1"!
With all the puns intended this is our glorious hymn to the true size of handlebars, the one inch! Size matters and be proud rocking your incher!

Gear heads, knuckle dusters, baggers, old timers and gasoline sniffers - this is one we made for you. PSL Heavy Industries is too old to care but still looks damn good doing whatever the hell he or she does. It's not really a specific thing, it's more a state of mind.
We're proud to present the very first batch of official hoodies for the industry.

  • Casual fit
  • Fleece lined hood
  • Nickel eyelets and zipper
  • 330gsm heavyweight hoodie
  • Quality screen printed
  • Brand new size chart - these hoodies are US sized so please check the updated size chart info here.